Company info

Comprehensive security

Turvatoimi has offered high quality security consulting services for dirrefent size companies since 1996. Company was founded by security professional Markku Huumarsalo.

Turvatoimi has comprehensive understanding of business security. We know the challenges and risks related to it. We do consulting and planning in various security areas, such as:

  • Determining the present state in company security
  • Investigating security risks
  • Security planning and consulting
  • Security training
  • Special issues
  • Recovering from abnormal situations

Over 30 years of experience

Markku Huumarsalo has over 30 years of experience and deep, up-to-date knowledge from the security field. He has knowledge from various security areas, including public authority policies. Here are some examples of Markku Huumarsalo's experience:

  • Police force, in the field and technical investigation
  • Developing companies' security policies and systems
  • Security quality systems
  • Planning and arrangement of security training
  • Personnel training
  • Developing and testing security gear